Seminary of Christ the King (College)

The goal of the College seminary program is to form spiritual men who are well prepared for the ministerial priesthood and able to adjust to the changing needs of the Church while holding fast to the essentials. The Seminary of Christ the King in its Arts and Theology departments gives special attention to the character and spiritual formation of each seminarian which is centered on the liturgy and builds upon the foundations of faith and reverence learned in the Christian family. The Seminary is convinced of the advantage of maturing within a community of like-minded seminarians and of pursuing priesthood studies in a setting where the Church is loved and the Church Seasons and feasts help to make real the mysteries of the faith and create a supportive environment for academic life. The seminary provides experiences of apostolic and pastoral life that aim at actively engaging each seminarian in the diocesan life of the Church.

Seminary of Christ the King (High School)

The purpose of the High School seminary is to provide an atmosphere within which young men can grow in holiness, i.e., can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and with the Seminary community. Only through such growth are we able to discern God’s will for us, our vocation. The fundamental purpose of the Seminary is not simply to provide a good education, or to be a safe environment, but to grow in our ability to follow Christ the Redeemer with generous souls and pure hearts.  The Seminary follows the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s program for Secondary Education, but provides the seminarians with a wholesome spiritual, communal, intellectual and physical environment where a young man can avail himself of the means to mature in a love for the Church, and in the Christian virtues and responsibilities. Our secondary aim is to prepare a young man to continue his formation toward the priesthood or religious life in the Major Seminary, should he be called.