Policy & Requirements

Admission Policy

Admission Recommendations:

We recommend attendance of at least two vocation live-ins — more if possible. The applicant must be in good standing at his present school: i.e. puts in a good academic year to show us that he has the interior discipline to make good choices and resolutions and can stick to them.

Most candidates are altar servers. Boys who are serious about following Jesus and discerning their vocation must be used to prayer: praying daily rosary (preferably with his family) is a minimum.


Documentation Requirements:

  1. A recent Certificate of Baptism
  2. A Certificate of Confirmation (if confirmed)
  3. Parent’s Marriage Certificate (copy)
  4. A recent medical report (a general bill of health from a doctor, mention of any concerns re: allergies, psychological medication or any other ailment we should be aware of; immunization records)
  5. A Recent report card
  6. A Testimonial letter from your Pastor
  7. Good recommendation from teachers.

After an application form has been submitted and other information gathered, the rector or another member of the faculty will visit the family if they are within reasonable distance.

Admissions Package (PDF)