“The contribution of volunteers is indispensable. A purely generous and selfless service that people freely choose to offer to those in need, not out of concern for financial remuneration or personal benefit, but out of pure love of their neighbour. This is the “style” of service that Jesus taught us when he told his disciples: “Freely you have received, freely give” (Mt 10:8). Serving others in this way may seem like a lost cause, but once they put themselves on the line, those who sacrifice their time and effort discover that whatever they give without expecting anything in return is never lost, but becomes instead a great treasure. Indeed, generosity unburdens the soul, heals the wounds of the heart, brings us closer to God, becomes a source of joy, and keeps us young inside.”

– Pope Francis, Address,  4 September 2023

Over the years, lay teachers who have volunteered their time and presence at the Seminary of Christ the King have offered an invaluable service. In fact, without their generosity the Seminary would not be able to fulfill its mission.

With gratitude to God for the gift that lay volunteer teachers are, we would like to encourage you to ask the Lord whether or not he might be asking this service from you.

Should you be interested in volunteering as a lay teacher at the Seminary of Christ the King, please email: info@sck.ca