HIST 305

(3) HISTORY OF LITURGY TO A.D. 313. Pagan, Jewish and Christian worship forms; the Sabbath and the Lord’s Day; Gnostic and pagan polemics; the Eucharist and initiation rites during the first three centuries. (Also listed as Religious Studies 305.)

HIST 306

(3) HISTORY OF LITURGY A.D. 313-600. Pagan mysteries and Christian worship; impact of secular culture and state religion; barbarian invasions; Arianism; Byzantine court influences; basilica; art; dioceses; Oriental and Latin rites; catechumenate and penitential practice; Easter and Christmas observances; the calendar. (Also listed as Religious Studies 306.)

HIST 312

(3) HISTORY OF WESTERN LITURGIES 600-1500 A.D. Historical and cultural background: Gregory the Great, Frankish, Ottonian periods, High Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages. Historical development of the liturgy. Sources. Daily prayer, Liturgical cycles, Sacraments. (Also listed as Religious Studies 312.)

HIST 313

(3) HISTORY OF EASTERN LITURGIES 600-1500 A.D. Background: Emperors and councils. Development of the liturgy: East Syrian, West Syrian, Maronite, Alexandrian (Coptic and Ethiopian), Armenian, Byzantine. (Also listed as Religious Studies 313.)

HIST 430

(3) EARLY MONASTIC HISTORY. Survey of Western Monasticism from the 4th to the 14th century.

HIST 431

(3) POST-MEDIAEVAL MONASTICISM. Survey of Western Monasticism from the fifteenth century to the present.

HIST 510

(2) THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Political and social institutions of Imperial Rome from the first to the fifth centuries; Judaism; Hellenism; development of Christianity into a state religion; councils and heresies.

HIST 511

(2) IDEAS AND INSTITUTIONS OF THE MIDDLE AGES. Institutional history of Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire until the Renaissance; the barbarian invasions; Monasticism; Islam; Feudalism.

HIST 520

(2) THE REFORMATION. Intellectual, social and political aspects of the religious conflict; Lutheranism; Calvinism; Anglicanism; the Counter-Reformation.

HIST 521

(2) PROGRESS AND REACTION. The impact of science, industry, and democracy on European Culture since the 17th Century.

HIST 530

(2) PATROLOGY I. II-IV century Church Fathers.

HIST 531

(2) PATROLOGY II. IV-V century Church Fathers.

HIST 540

(2) RELIGIO-ETHNIC HISTORY OF CANADA. Colonial period; later French, Scottish, Irish, Ukrainian traditions; multiculturalism; the churches today; Amerindian cultures.