MORL 510

(3) GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF MORAL THEOLOGY I. Brief history of moral theology; biblical foundations; nature of morality; natural law.

MORL 511

(3) GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF MORAL THEOLOGY II. Situation ethics; human law; conscience; systems of conscience; knowledge; ingredients of the good act; sin.

MORL 520

(3) THEOLOGICAL VIRTUES. Conversion and holiness; faith; hope; charity; religion.

MORL 521

(3) SOCIAL INTERACTION. Community and the individual; family; civic community; justice, charity and other social criteria; restitution; war and peace; option for the poor. (Also listed as Social Sciences 521)

MORL 530

(3) HEALTH CARE ETHICS. Treatment of current bioethical problems. (Also listed as Philosophy 530)

MORL 531

(3) SEXUALITY AND SOCIETY. Family life; modesty and chastity; interrelation of love, sex and marriage; gender relations; responsible parenthood. (Also listed as Social Sciences 531)

MORL 540

(3) THE SACRAMENTS AND SACRAMENTALS. Moral questions in administering the sacraments, especially regarding Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist and Mass, Anointing of the Sick and Marriage; funerals.

MORL 541

(3) THE CONFESSOR. Pastoral and canonical aspects of this ministry.

MORL 550

(1-8) MORAL TOPICS. One period per week devoted to source material pertaining to courses concurrently taught.

MORL 551

(3) CURRENT TOPICS SEMINAR. Research papers and discussion dealing with sensitive areas in the moral and pastoral field.

MORL 590

(3-6) HONOURS TUTORIAL. In-depth study of an aspect of Moral Theology; graduating essay.