SCRI 510

(3) INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE. Inspiration; canon; texts; versions; basic rules of interpretation; biblical geography; Church pronouncements.

SCRI 511

(3) WISDOM LITERATURE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. Non-biblical parallels; place of wisdom literature in the development of biblical theology; selected exegesis.

SCRI 512

(2-6) THE PSALMS. Literary forms of the Psalms; their place in Hebrew and Christian prayer; exegesis of typical psalms in view of their use in worship.

SCRI 520

(3) THE PENTATEUCH. God’s revelation of himself through creation and covenant; the centrality of Exodus in Old Testament history; the concept of People of God and worship by word and sacrifice.

SCRI 521

(3) THE FOUR GOSPELS. The Gospels as records of history and faith written by believers for believers; three stages of evolution of the Gospels; the evangelists as theologians; the Synoptics and St John.

SCRI 530

(3) OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETICAL BOOKS. Nature of prophecy; the call of a prophet and the difficulty of his vocation; introduction to the individual prophets and selected exegesis.

SCRI 531

(3) OLD TESTAMENT HISTORICAL BOOKS. History of salvation from Joshua to the Maccabees; biblical historical forms; king and priests as God’s anointed; Jerusalem.

SCRI 540

(3) THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH. As portrayed in the Acts of the Apostles; kerygmatic speeches of Peter and Paul; portrait of St Paul.

SCRI 541

(3) NEW TESTAMENT EPISTLES. Pauline and Catholic Epistles; selected exegesis; justification in St Paul.

SCRI 590

(3-6) HONOURS TUTORIAL. In-depth study of an aspect of Sacred Scripture; graduating essay.