SOCI 200

(3) INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY I. Social norms; culture and social structures; marriage and family as social institutions; education.

SOCI 201

(3) INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY II. The state; political authority; civil disobedience; capitalism; Marxism; labour and management; social encyclicals.

SOCI 300

(3) PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS. Institutions and processes involved in the production and distribution of wealth; price determinants; banking; international trade and finance.

SOCI 301

(3) HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT. Greek and Roman political theory; the mediaeval concept of law; English and French contributions to the evolution of political institutions; modern constitutional governments; internationalism. (Also listed as History 301.)

SOCI 521

(3) SOCIAL INTERACTION. Community and individual; family; civic community; justice, charity and other social criteria; restitution; war and peace; option for the poor. (Also listed as Moral Theology 521.)

SOCI 531

(3) SEXUALITY AND SOCIETY. Family life; modesty and chastity; interrelation of love, sex and marriage; gender relations; responsible parenthood. (Also listed as Moral Theology 531.)