Message from the Rector

As grace perfects nature so glory perfects grace. St. Thomas Aquinas.

No human being exists, grows or is fulfilled apart from nature, grace and the call to glory. By nature each of us is made with and for each other and for God. The vocation of the seminary is to provide personal, physical, spiritual and regular places where nature and grace may flourish.

Every true vocation begins with an experience of being eternally loved. – Pope Benedict XVI

Most seminarians, priests and religious find it difficult to explain how and why they are on the path that they are on. We often try to “make sense” to the person asking the question. We use images and examples as we try to appeal to what is common between us – as if what we are doing and why we are doing it is a process that results in a conclusion. If we are really following Jesus it is because, in some way He has broken into our lives. Following him is our attempt to respond.

Jesus calls us when He wills. Most people who are called to the priesthood or religious life receive their first “sense” of that call as young children. The high school seminary is a place where young men’s search for Jesus and Jesus’ search for them can collide. What happens after the collision, only God knows – but it’s always great.

Rev. Anthony Nguyen OSB

For a fuller explanation of the importance and aims of a minor (high school) seminary see “Fostering Vocations at an Early Age.